Curated by… One minute briefs.

I enjoyed this curated by… talk because it felt like we could really relate to the guys and we got to get involved in one of their briefs, which came with some hilarious results. The guys talked about how they got to where they are and that you shouldn’t stay in a job if you start to find it boring, it gets mundane, or it’s just not challenging anymore. This makes sense, although it would be daunting. Maybe I should just concentrate on getting the one job first.. They also said that their idea of ‘the one minute brief’ just came from a quick thought as to how they worked and it just caught on and is also a good way of producing a lot of ideas, quickly and in one go. And although a lot of them will be rubbish there may be a few gems in there that you weren’t expecting to find.

So at the end of their talk, they set us a one minute brief. Advertise toilet paper. My first thought – ‘oh dear lord’ and about 20 seconds of sheer panic that I actually only had a minute to think of something. It sounds ridiculous but it’s a lot harder than it sounds. I don’t know if that’s because I also wasted some time laughing at the results of the people surrounding me.. (but it was worth it). As someone who’s not really a quick thinker, or can think of puns or quirky catchphrases quickly this was a bit of a nightmare. Anyway, this was the result.


It’s not my finest design moment I will admit, but I don’t mind the idea behind it if that makes sense. My thinking behind it was that the toilet paper being advertised lasts longer than the one you bought, and you regret it at the worst moment, so don’t let yourself regret it type thing.


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