I got a mid 2:1! Pleased with this but I’m not going to let it lull me into a false sense of a security and feel like I can just sail along. With this I feel like I could push my mark up into a first hopefully, well that’s what I want to aim for. I’m really pleased because I actually got a high 2:1 in my research, and as I tried really hard I’m pretty pleased with this.

Some of my feedback was that I had a good understanding of the project requirements and I had a well formed line of inquiry (ie my topic choice). They said I’ve engaged with the project well and done a comprehensive amount of research which is beginning to inform my chosen data set.¬†Blog entries further support your project rationale and there is evidence of considered discussion, analysis and reflection.

To keep improving on the next task I need to generate a defined data set which will then help me to finalise what I want to do as a final result. Further analysis and deeper research will also be needed as we go into Task 2. I feel like this result has spurred me on a bit and I can knuckle down.


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