Finally had a second session on latch after a few complaints that no one understood it, but after this I’m pretty clear on it all, and I’m confident I can apply it to my project and maybe even future projects now.

- position relative to other objects.
- doesn’t actually need to be shown to scale.
- doesn’t need to be the physical location can just be relative to other things/places, for example, the london tube map.

- useful for lists of things that are to be looked up.
- used like a directory.
- culturally bias because it’s highly dependant on the language used and the user being able to understand or decipher it, therefore normally excludes quite a lot of people.
- have to understand system language for example, searching for a specific thing on a council website, you would have to know the language they use for what you’re looking for.

- relationship between the same thing at different times.
- you have to remove other variables for example the movement on a camera on a long exposure photograph.

- grouping things by common attribute.
- need to be inclusive of everything which may become difficult. Could need a miscellaneous group.
- categories can have different levels.
- can have a hierarchy (like categorising different species).
- things can also belong to multiple categories (like on a venn diagram) and they are known as tags.

- ordered by some value or judgement.

Applying LATCH to my project
Location doesn’t really apply to my project, as it’s not really relavent. I’m not plotting location and it doesn’t matter to the sleep. The location also never changes because it’s always a bed, so it’s not comparing or showing location.

Alphabet also isn’t relevant as it’s not a list of things, nevermind anything to put into alphabetical order.

Time is something that I feel applies. As it’s the period of time in which you’re asleep and it’s comparing the depth of sleep at different times. It’s also the time it takes to get into different stages of sleep.

Categories is a maybe, but for my particular project I don’t think it can be applied. Maybe if I was to categorise peoples sleep and how different people sleep? Or categorise the different stages of sleep.

Hierarchy could order the depth of sleep. A value could be put to the depth, or use the time, to the amount of sleep.

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