Had a really useful meeting today about the project with Chris. We had been treading water and didn’t really know where we wanted to go with it. We wanted to clarify where we wanted to go, how we wanted to execute the brief and just some minor details.

We want to visit Cairn Home, as we think it could hold some interesting stories. Considering the charity has own the building for such a long time, and it’s changed and adapted to the residence needs we’re interested as to what stories it holds. We also wanted to got to the main centre on Mappin Street, to see what they hold in their archives, they said they had some pictures of the original building and I think it would be good to include things like that, take the charity back to its route and see how it’s built up from there.

Target Audience
We wanted to aim it at the clients (the people that use the services of the charity) that use it now and may use it in the future. We also wanted to aim it at its supporters and volunteers, because actually sometimes this is interchangable with the clients. It’s also important that new volunteers to know the rich heritage of the charity.

Colour Scheme
We want to keep the same colour scheme of the charities logo, to keep everything in the same theme, and for it to be recognisable with the charity. We also think it will help using the bright colours, as this will be easier to read and more interesting to look at if you have a visual impairment. The bright colours will also keep it fun, and make it easier for everyone and just generally keeping it more fun.

The Message
We want to make sure that people know that they are an independent charity that simply go off of peoples help, not any government funding, nor are they part of a bigger charity. We also want people to know and recognize that its a people centred charity. It’s geared to help the people – rather than focusing on research – it’s a more interactive and people orientated service.
We want it to inform about the history. Although we wanted to do a general overview this may be too much. So we are going to do the milestones and do the more recent history so people may find it more relevant and when attracting new sponsors or helpers, they may find it more interesting to know what’s been going on in the recent history. We also want to celebrate what they do at the same time, and engage the reader.

We want to create a booklet, or a magazine/zine and then maybe create an interactive tablet version, as this will appeal to the younger generations and could also be another way of reading, or looking at pictures in a clearer way as you can zoom in on a tablet which will be easier for the visually impaired.

Other things that we were thinking about how to make it easier for people to read/interact with the results, is using braille. This will be hard but the effects could be really interesting, or using textures in the book to add a different dimension and so the other senses can be used, and once again, it’s easier to use and navigate for the clients. From this braille idea we were thinking about creating our own type using dots. We’ll have to see how well this fits in with the rest of the design when it’s done but It could work really well and maybe translate into a theme.

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