Plan of action (take 2).

We had to think about our project and list what we thought was good, missing or any problems we could foresee or were having.

Good things about the project.
- lots of research about sleep and sleeping patterns so theres a lot to go off and use to inform and grab data from.
- people have looked into the area before, so theres probably existing data sets.

Things that are missing from the project that are needed.
- focus. Haven’t got back into the project after the assessment and I feel like I’m in a bit of a lull.
- Haven’t really decided on an actual direction yet.

Problems I’m having.
- I’m panicking which is making me not want to work – sounds quite backwards right?
- Haven’t collected a solid dataset yet, I do have A dataset but as I haven’t got a focus I don’t know if it’s appropriate.

Some of the feedback I got from the group after sharing, is that someone was concerned that I wasn’t into the project, but I think this is a lull because I’m stuck and I just need to persevere and once theres a way in I’ll feel better about it.

Someone gave me a way in by thinking about how people fall asleep, that moment when your eyelids go heavy and you fall into it. Although I can’t measure when this actually happens, I can think about the weights and depths of sleep and play around with that idea.

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