Academic tutorial.

My academic tutorial with Matt was really useful and actually helped me realise how to get better and make a plan of action.

One of the things I knew I needed to improve on, was my time management (classic student), but I never really knew how to do this, I just knew that I was bad at it. Matt talked me through a few was that I could put into action to help me get everything I need to get done, which would cause me a lot less panic at the end of projects that sometimes I feel. I just need to find something that will work for me. Matt suggested gantt chart but I tried them in my foundation year and they just didn’t work for me, I never really stuck to the timeframe and wasn’t honest in the amount of time I could sit and work for. I’m going to try and plan out my time using calendars/a diary to set small goals and aim to achieve them and therefore manage my time better.

I want to achieve a consistent mid 2-1 at the very minimum and hopefully can achieve higher than that (but obviously I want to set achievable goals, and if I set higher it may get too daunting). Matt said this is definitely achievable especially considering the recent results I got for the first part of Tools and Systems. Other things that will help me achieve this is to clearly understand the outcomes and criteria and I need to know exactly what I need to do. Attendance is also important, as attending will give me contact time with the tutors so I can receive feedback and see where I need to improve. Currently my attendance is good so that isn’t really a worry, I just need to keep going as I am!

I want to attempt at least one competition brief in the next year, like D&AD or ISTD. I don’t necessarily have to submit but maybe just going through the process is enough so I can get used to it.

Working collaboratively is also something that was recommended. I do enjoy working with people, and currently in Audience and Context I can do with for the live brief. 

Distinguish your aims from your actions (eg be specific about actively using time management tools)

CMS career management skills

Becoming opportunity aware
Read for 30 mins a week something from: Eye magazine, creative review, digital arts, design observer blog.

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