Braille fonts.

After the meeting we also discussed making a typeface with braille in mind so I decided to look into it. Some of the fonts are created on the same wavelength, some have used braille to physically create the type.



This is just some braille, and to be honest I have no idea what it means, but I just loved the way this looked all laid out and it shows the grid system, and how many combinations can be made perfectly. This and the image below gives me the idea of using the whole thing as a grid system and this would be a way of laying out the booklet. Or even something like making pictures out of dots, perhaps embossing them at different levels – I’m not sure but I think this could help people understand and see the pictures. It would also add a new and unusual aspect to the book.



I loved this idea and font because I think it shows really well how braille works and it’s an interesting idea to go on. Basically its highlighting key moments in the type, which is an interesting way at looking at how people actually understand braille and even how people learn braille, whether they’ve always had a sight impairment or not. 602336f04480048752d221fefd61750fDotSoonRNIBMoon

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