Overview of project so far.
Project needs to speed up in reality and I need to concentrate on a solid idea, I have a couple of things that I want to try out along the same theme, and then I can see what turns out best.  I’ve aim is to show the variety and change in sleep pattern over the course of a week of an insomniac. I’m currently researching artists that have used dyes and the things I can use to mold shapes from the weights on the canvas. I have refined my ideas after the feedback of task 1, because after task 1 I didn’t really have an direction at all, but now I’ve narrowed it down and focused my idea. The dataset I have is useful because I didn’t really need to convert it it was already in a form I could work with.

Dataset currently being worked with.
The data set I am currently using is from a sleep app, that using graphs, shows my sleep cycle, both individual nights and over the whole time I’ve been using the app.  This is so I can show the depth of sleep over the period of a week and how it changes. The app also tells me the time at which I am in different stages of sleep and the depth of sleep I am in which is what I want to show

Skills needed/intend to use.
Skills needed or that I will use is I want to try vacuum forming, or moulding of some kind. I want to hang the weights somehow, use something like plaster of paris and mould the shape that the moulds create, then vac form it. Or put weights in dye/ water/ weights and then photograph it and then maybe screen print the patterns created by the dye.


    • Create a detailed timeline plan for the proceeding weeks of this module as your own guide. What, where, with who and when. Use the link to the module plan PDF as a guide to consider what tasks you need to do and plan each day and what will need doing and when (link below).

Timeline plan for tasks needed to be completed.


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