About SRSB and what they do.
Their services are used by a variety of ages, from children that have had sight problems from being born, to older people that may have had sight problems all their life to developing them at some point. They put on activities to suite ages, and to help people get used to their visual impairment with facilities in the centre, like putting on baking sessions, and ‘little sparklers’ group aimed at children and their parents. They have visits to places as well like Theatre Trips, Museums and Galleries, Musical Performances, Horticultural Shows, Garden Centres, Historic Houses and Gardens to name but a few.

They support over 3,300 visually impaired people in Sheffield and in excess of 300 people access the services within the Mappin Street Centre each week and residential care home, Cairn Home cares for up to 30 people.

Whilst they are an independent Sheffield charity they also work closely with government departments, local authorities, national charities, local charities and support groups to enable blind and partially sighted people in Sheffield to receive the most suitable support in an efficient manner. They spend a lot of time fundraising in various ways through Sheffield events from charity golf to skydiving.


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