Corey Holmes.

Corey Holmes is someone who’s been testing and playing around with food dyes and other things like water and oil to create some beautiful designs. The ways its been mixed/placed has created a beautiful effect, it almost looks like molecules, or bacteria or something under the microscope.

30f3e10e341bc66183b8306387430afbThe different tones and shades work really well and the red in this particular photograph kind of looks like blood. It also looks like a map – I’ve seen similar designs to do with light or pollution created in cities and the little gaps in the dye remind me of this.

I think the way this has been created is by dye and then oil to create the gaps and I think the effects are really interesting as in some places the circles have been filled. I think this kind of technique could be really interesting to try this kind of technique, and go back to my circles from my previous research with David McCandless and Brendan Dawes.

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