Phillip Brown.

After looking at dyes, I wanted to look into artists or designers that also used dyes and stubbled across Phillip Brown. He uses dyes to make intricate tapestries, but also does a variety of fashion items, like tops for both men and women. His work is still very intricate even on the clothing, and the tapestries are so intricate they look like they have been sown.

Even though theres no real meaning, or at least data conversion behind his work like this module is about, it’s still really interesting to look at and a direction that I may follow in one way or another.

My only problem with his work – and maybe even tie dying in general – is that the colours are normally quite bold and garish. I am all about the colours working together and considering my theme is sleep, I want the colours to be quite relaxing rather than brash and conflicting on whatever media I finish this project in.

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