SRSB Visit 2.

After the session with James saying that the research we need to be doing needs to be more immersive, me and Chris decided we should go visit SRSB again, have a look at their archives and chat to some of the people there and see what they think of SRSB and what they do – after all in reality what we produce may directly or indirectly involve them.


We looked at some of the archives that the centre had, but we couldn’t leave the premises with them nor could we scan them, so we had to take photographs of the things we found interesting or take notes. However, obviously the centres been running for a long time, and because of this the photographs they have (that were mainly in books) were quite low quality as they were so old and obviously cameras were nothing like they are now. This a shame, as if we wanted to incorporate photographs that they have they may end up being very low quality, unless they have the originals that we may be able to scan. Otherwise this could be a problem. Besides that though, apart from being a long running independent Sheffield charity, the charity stayed the same for a number of years, and only in the last couple of decades- if that – have they really begun to change it up and do some really exciting things (not that they didn’t before but I feel like they’ve evolved in a short space of time). This was also found by other people when it came to feedback from others that were also doing the brief, so we thing we want to adapt the brief to concentrate less on the whole history, to the more recent history and celebrate what its been doing in the last few years to help people understand, cope with, and accept their visual impairment, whether it’s something they were born with or something that they developed as they got older, or even something that was a side affect of some kind of accident so would have been quite a sudden loss.

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