Visualising ideas.

So part of my end thing is that I want to create 7 visualisations basically, 1 for each night represented.

I wanted to start somewhere simple when it came to this because I’m finding it a lot harder to get my head around than I thought I would. Not that I consider myself the greatest infographic designer but I done a couple of things before that I had been proud of, but I don’t know if this was down to pot luck. I know this is can happen in design but more recently I feel if I do well or my designs turn out pretty good then its more pot luck than my ability to design – no matter how much effort I put in. I’ll stop being so negative now.

As part of my data set is graphs that I’ve collected from following my sleeping pattern – which gets more atrocious by the day- I just thought I’d start off by cutting out the shape of the graph, playing around and seeing what happens. This is easier said than done. I know it’s quite a boring first approach, but we’ve all got to start somewhere haven’t we? Besides I feel quite blessed that my data set already comes in graph form without me even having to do anything to it really (unless I want it in a different format) apart from sleeping of course.

I somehow want to fit in concentric circles following the work I looked at by David McCandless and Brendan Dawes. The repetitive circles – especially In the EE series created by Brendan Dawes, the circles almost looked like they were moving in a hypnotic way, and it was actually quite relaxing. This feeling obviously links with the feeling of sleep and would be quite interesting to explore as a concept so both the data and the feel of the piece go together.

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