Writing session 2.

I find these writing sessions with Jo really useful and was looking forward to it after the first one especially.

We were basically reflecting on a piece of writing we had done and brought in. I misunderstood so basically wrote 500 words reflecting on the project instead of the theories that I could use but she said this wouldn’t be a problem, I just apply the theory to the practice. So I will let you in to what I wrote:

‘Looking back, I enjoyed the module. I probably could have done more work at the beginning, but due to the number of ideas generation sessions we had it took me a while to get going, because a lot of people were quite slow in getting going with ideas for the project. This made me question my whole idea, because I felt I had a good idea, but as no one had a final thing I felt I had come to a conclusion too quickly. I think my idea was strong but I was struggling to develop it more. I always feel an almost loyalty to my ideas which means I can get quite protective over them and I find it hard to change or alter the idea. This is why I found it so valuable when I got feedback even if it was good or critical (the more critical the better). I think I could have got more feedback on my idea because I didn’t really push for any and just plodded along pretty satisfied.

When I started making it I came across a multitude of problems. My initial idea included a screen printed bed cover, which was both the front and the back, and two screen printed pillow cases (which meant I had to be using a double duvet going by the design and size of type to make it readable). When I went to the screen printing workshop, the technicians were not very positive at all about the whole thing. The basically told me that it wasn’t going to be possible due to the kinds of screens they have and the fact that it was on fabric. The size of the text was also an issue. Because of the size, it meant I couldn’t fit the whole quote (or that part of it) onto one screen, and using multiple screens would have been both very expensive and not exactly practical considering if I used so many, other people would miss out on the opportunity to use a screen to do their work. I was also told because I haven’t screen printed in so long and because I don’t do it very often, I wouldn’t actually be able to complete the print myself, the technician would have to do it, because I would have had to completed the print in one stroke.

I could have embroidered the bed cover but I don’t think I have the skills to do that and once again, I didn’t even know if it was possible due to the size. Due to all these things and obstacles (maybe they were all my mistake for assuming though) I went to something I was familiar with. Although I didn’t actually know if it would work I just hoped for the best. Spray painting. I cut out a stencil and used the laser cutter to cut out precise lettering as this would make the text much more legible and clear than just doing it free hand. I was slightly restricted because the largest laser cutter they have is about A1 size and I probably would have wanted the lettering a bit larger to take up more of the duvet and to look more impressive, but I still think it worked well.

When spray painting I also came across some problems. One layer didn’t seem enough because the paint seeped into the fabric. I kind of saw this coming but maybe if I used primer I could have avoided the problem and the colour would have come out cleaner and clearer.’

My feedback was that I needed to look at relevant theories to support my idea, but I had good reflection and evaluation of the project.

This then made me think of the kinds of theories I could use:
- closed circle communication
- Semiotics
- Shannon weaver.

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