After having a bit of a block I was looking for inspiration and came across this BBC article all about visualising data with some really stunning and interesting results. I picked the one above as its my favourite but take a look for yourself.

This particular one depicts the commuter pattern of London. Obviously as the endpoint is central London, the eye is really drawn in by the white at the centre of the infographic. It almost reminds me of the concept of just follow the light – people mindlessly following the light into the middle of London, all going to the same place, unknowingly and all from so many different parts. It’s also instantly made clear how many people are coming and from where and the distance they are from. The simplicity of the image (for example not adding a border to outline the edge of the UK) means the eye isn’t distracted by unnecessary lines thats aren’t relevant to the information, and yet can be indirectly created by the pattern of commuters.

One thing I dislike about this though is the outline of London, I think this is simply my personal taste. I understand why it’s there and why it has to be there. London is the focus of this and it distinguishes commuter land from central London and the destination for the masses, but the border is distracting and I think it would have been interesting to see if you could see the difference between the other cities and the border of London, simply by the mass of traffic travelling in and to which parts.

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