More visuals.

(the larger the circle the deeper the sleep, the smaller the circle the more awake.)

I like the use of green in this. I wanted this to be a calm piece but still use a colour that contrasted with the background. I kept the dark background throughout because I still think it makes it easier to make the data stand out. The green is quite calming as it’s a very neutral colour that doesn’t really hold many connotations with it. As some of the circles overlapped, I still wanted to show all the circles, and I felt the best way to do this was to make them transparent. This was all the circles are shown, and some interesting shades of colour can also be created in the overlap. Although I think this piece work ok, there is definitely room for improvement. Its hard to read across to the time, but do you need to know exactly? It also needs a key – I know what it means but others don’t.


This is another favourite of mine. The yellow represents sleep and the red represents awake, and the graduation between the colours is various levels of consciousness. So the lighter the yellow the deeper the sleep whereas an orange may just be asleep, rather than a deep sleep. This piece reminds me of Brendan Dawes EE piece. I like the gaps left in between and its not just a circle. It shows the layers of sleep and how much sleep per phase is clearly shown. The only downside is that there is no correlation to time at all, it is simply categorised by the amount of sleep, rather than what phase of sleep I was in at what time.


I like the simplicity of this piece. This uses the opposite principle to most of the others that I have done, the smaller the circle the deeper the sleep and vise versa. The use of colours and the borders on the circles is simple but effective and gives a nice contrast. However I’m not sure it’s accurate enough or can be read easily enough.

Screen Shot 2014-11-23 at 21.13.15

This is just a variation on a previous design. I changed the colours and took away the times to see if it was easier to read. I also spun it round so it reads like a book so you can just read across a line and that would be one night, rather than reading downwards. I like use of the blue, it’s very calming and as blue already has these connotations I think others would look at it in that way too. The circles are also colour coded again and the deeper the blue the lighter the sleep.

After having a circle overload, I wanted to use some lines, so using just the basic graph, I used the line and just changed them a bit to create this pattern. I think the effects are quite interesting and easy to read. It also works in the opposite way to a normal graph, the deeper the sleep the shorter the line.


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