This is one of my favourite 2D outcomes. The contrast between the dark background and the blues works really well. I used the blue as this is generally known as a calm colour and associated with peace and relaxation and a lot of existing things to do with sleep (including the app that I’m using to collect the data) use blue.

I used the circles once again, for a variety of reasons. Firstly, a lot of my research included circles, for example David McCandless, and some of Brendan Dawes work. I also liked the idea of using circles because they can be quite hypnotic when patterns.



This was one of my first visualisations so it’s pretty simple and just a combination of simple ideas. It started off by just using the graphs that is originally created by the app and using the shape of my sleeping pattern and the pattern of awake periods and periods of deep sleep – so the higher the peak, the more awake I am, and the lower the deeper the sleep. I kind of wanted it to look like sound waves to mimic the way the app monitors sleep. I like the idea but the execution isn’t great. I feel it looks quite childish in appearance even though I like the use of repetitive circles – it breaks up the graph. It would be interesting to see a 3D model of this though.

Untitled-2(just a close up of the above with the borders of the circles taken out)

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