Change of plan.

After design a few lampshades using visualisations I had done before I was deciding how to make them. To make the prototypes I decided to laser cut them out of card, as I’ve always enjoyed working with card and I wanted the visualisations to be subtle and you have to look for them rather than …



Making a really basic one Or theres this guy that makes GIANT zoetropes A lot of people have made ones without the sleeve that has windows in so the animation is exposed and used strobe lighting to highlight the image at the right times


I’ve begun to think about my design for the lampshade. I’ve been pretty distracted by Audience and Context recently, so unfortunately this kind of took a back seat. But now I’ve been thinking about lamp shades and different things, I feel like I’m getting back into it. The design above is just me playing around …



What a nightmare. I really needed this tutorial and I may have accidently cried, so embarrassing.  But it was really helpful – as you can see from the rest of the blog I was all over place and I didn’t really know where I was going with the project.  


I used my previous visualisations to create these options. I really like how the different sized circles (on the one above) show the data. It could be really interesting if the gaps in between worked as they were supposed to. Maybe I could also use the gaps to act as one of the solid strips, …


Lamp shade?

After thinking about a the mobile idea, I like it, but I don’t think it’s relevant enough to me and would be hard to design if I was to do it probably because I would have to consider safety features as it would have to be realistic. Another way I was thinking about it was …



  The other day I was thinking and I don’t think I’m getting anywhere with my current ideas. And I was talking with people and someone came up with the idea of a kids mobile. I quite like this idea because it’s an interesting object. I was thinking about each bit hanging down could represent …


Food Colouring.

Although this was one of my original ideas, it didn’t work as well as I had hoped. The problem was that I couldn’t put the dye in quick enough and then get back to the camera. The self timer on my camera is like 2 seconds, which wouldn’t make much difference. Anyway, the dye mixed …


Coffee test.

  So I did an experiment today as to how the coffee would react/ what it would look like and how it would photograph. These are very basic experiments – just in my room with a white background and just a far of water. I also didn’t measure the coffee, I literally wanted to see …



So I had a small brain wave. Although dye is all well and good in water it doesn’t really relate but I was struggling to think of something that would, but would also mix with water. And then I thought (as I sipped my morning coffee) why not coffee granules? I took this picture a …



I’ve been thinking a lot about the concept of weight and depth of sleep, or how the two relate to each other. I can’t measure the feeling of falling asleep and that moment where you go limp (most commonly noticed in when falling asleep on buses and trains – we’ve all been there), so just …


Martin Klimas.

  Klimas uses paint and sound to create these beautiful shapes. The image above simply shows a piece that he photographed where he just spun a stick around in circles and left running paint on it, and photographed the shapes created by it. The result of this is fascinating because the paint remains in its …



  Some concept drawings as to how I think using the weights could work in different ways. One of those was hanging the weights off of some canvas and using something like plaster of paris to form the shape created. I could also vac form the shape but I’m not sure how possible this would …