Martin Klimas.


Klimas uses paint and sound to create these beautiful shapes. The image above simply shows a piece that he photographed where he just spun a stick around in circles and left running paint on it, and photographed the shapes created by it. The result of this is fascinating because the paint remains in its original position for that split second as the stick moves round, almost like it hasn’t realised the stick has moved from underneath. The clean effect of the paint, and seeing the individual strands on the outside is really interesting, because the closer to the stick, the more the paint has stick and created a sheet. It is unclear that the original colours were but it does look like some have them have mixed where they are closer to the stick. I’m not sure if this was foreseen but it’s really interesting to see that the force of the spinning stick underneath it has caused some of the paints to merge.


I love this idea. Using sound and music, Klimas has used paint and the beats of music to create this picture. The different levels are really interesting and the level of paints and the way that they’ve mixed mid way through a beat, has created a marble effect in some of the columns. I was thinking how I could apply this to my project. I like the idea of using the sound, and recording the noise made over a period of nights and then translating that into paints, using different colours and amounts and playing the track, at a raised speed and seeing what is created. It may work terribly as there may not be enough base or even enough movement to create a sufficient amount of noise to raise the paint but I’m interested to see how it would turn out.


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