I’ve been thinking a lot about the concept of weight and depth of sleep, or how the two relate to each other. I can’t measure the feeling of falling asleep and that moment where you go limp (most commonly noticed in when falling asleep on buses and trains – we’ve all been there), so just showing depth of sleep throughout a series of nights is something that interests me. I looked at these 2 exhibition pieces that were also using the concept of weight. The above uses the negative space to create the image. The whole exhibition was based on negative volumes of objects and was created by Yasuaki Onishi, and the result is stunning. Created using cloth and wires to hold the cloth up, the sheet looks like its suspended and the detail of the contours makes it look so realistic. The detail is so easily achieved because of the sheer amount of contact points with the wire and material so can easily be manipulated. In the flesh, I think this piece would be fascinating, considering normally people climb over the mountains, rather than walking through. Obviously its not the same kind of experience but it does flip that concept on its head.



This piece I find really interesting to look at. At a glance you just see and expanse of black suspended from the ceiling. In reality it’s an expanse of tire tubes, suspended using wire, intertwined beyond recognition by being twisted together, deflated and manipulated. This almost gives the effect of dark clouds looming in the sky threatening to do something.


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