Coffee test.


So I did an experiment today as to how the coffee would react/ what it would look like and how it would photograph. These are very basic experiments – just in my room with a white background and just a far of water. I also didn’t measure the coffee, I literally wanted to see how it would react and whether the photographs would even turn out. I think it turned out pretty well though. I would probably need someone to either take the photo or put the coffee in as I couldn’t take the photo quickly enough after to see the coffee mixing with the water. But I think the actual result is quite pretty and because the coffee granules all react at different times it created some unusual patterns. I think if I was to do this on a larger scale I would do it in a big tank and show it using different amounts of coffee and see how it turned out.


At the end I also liked how once all the coffee had mixed with the water it just looked like a jar of coffee. I think the contrast of something that symbolises awakeness and energy can be showing a sleep pattern.

I think I need to try this again with more coffee to see if it still works. Because the photo shown before that inspired the idea worked really well with the coffee leaking out. So maybe I could put the coffee on damp paper and show it seeming through the paper instead of doing it through water?




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