I used my previous visualisations to create these options. I really like how the different sized circles (on the one above) show the data. It could be really interesting if the gaps in between worked as they were supposed to. Maybe I could also use the gaps to act as one of the solid strips, and also represent a data set, reflected by the thickness of the gap. I think this could work quite well. I think I’ll try and laser cut out the stips and put the together. I could use wire to make it look like the strips are balancing in air.


These blobs are supposed to be almost a solid representation of the previous design. I could make this out of fabric so the light could still shine through. The shape could be created by rings of wire at important moments in the night. If I did this idea I could only represent one nights sleep, but I think this would work fine, because the lamp shade would be detailed even if it was only showing one night.

To be honest, I don’t particularly like this idea because I think it has the potential of looking just really messy and it will be hard to show the detail of each half an hour interval. I would also how to think how to attach the wire to the fabric, but I do like the idea of using fabric, so you can see through and the light will be softened.


I like the hanging dots as this came from my circular visualisation IMG_8988

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