I’ve begun to think about my design for the lampshade. I’ve been pretty distracted by Audience and Context recently, so unfortunately this kind of took a back seat. But now I’ve been thinking about lamp shades and different things, I feel like I’m getting back into it.

The design above is just me playing around with designs for a lampshade. It needs to be a beautiful piece of design that is also fitting with the theme of the lampshade, and I want the design to be quite subtle. I’m not that keen on this. Although it shows the pattern of sleep very clearly, so in that sense it does it’s job. It’s too harsh, and the blue is actually too harsh, it needs to be calmer and lighter shades of blue or it needs to be more neutral colours that are linked with relaxation, like creams and beige. It’s also too harsh against the grey background but realistically I don’t think this would be used when I actually make it because I’m either going to make it out of cardboard or canvas. The canvas would be an off white/ivory colour and the cardboard, should stay brown, as I appreciate how colours work with card. This will mute the colours and make it look more subtle I think.

In my tutorial we were talking about zoetropes. It’s one of those spinny things that puts together a load of still images to look like they are moving.

I think this could be interesting to try out and show my data round the edge and to show it moving round the days as it’s spun. It could be quite hard to find a mechanism to spin it though. If I make the base from wood, and the base of the moving part, from wood or acrylic, I could drill a hole through each put a pole through the centre and bolt it, but not too tight as I would need to leave room to let it rotate.


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