Change of plan.

After design a few lampshades using visualisations I had done before I was deciding how to make them. To make the prototypes I decided to laser cut them out of card, as I’ve always enjoyed working with card and I wanted the visualisations to be subtle and you have to look for them rather than being very obvious

Whilst testing how the lampshades worked I used my phone as a source of light, which inspired my idea of a light box. Why not just design them for my phone? I had collected the data using my phone and why not take it back there. After also seeing Kelli Anderson who showed us a book she was created using this principle, that cast shadows of things on walls using the combination of the book and phone, I wanted to play off of this idea.

I still wanted to use the work I had done as I liked the principal of using the coffee to represent my sleep pattern, it just was no longer going to be the main focus.

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