Interdisciplinary Practice briefing.

The brief
Investigate and research hidden questions and perspectives to provide a basis for designed work that provokes an audience. 

Choosing from only 3 different themes (science, economics, politics) and then a handful of lenses, I basically have to create my own project.

Always having a very science based background and mind, my initial feelings to the brief were to go for the science route, and although my initial feelings were that the brief was quite narrow, it was very easy to find an avenue in, if you had a specific thing in mind, you could probably connect it to one of the 3 things. I find it the concept of looking at something in a way that I had never thought to look at before, and looking through different peoples eyes really interesting. From science I wanted to look at something to do with the brain and psychology, and looking at different therapies, but this thought didn’t really inspire me. After a lot of debating in my little brain and following some discussion, I picked mental disorders. Cheery, I know. Where I want to go with that is an entirely open book at the minute.


(I do have a back up plan of looking at politics and how religion strongly contributes to the politics and how a country is run in some areas of the world.)

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