Reflection and projection.

Todays session was really useful (although I always hate reflecting on past projects, mainly because there’s always something to change that feels so obvious 3 weeks later..) reflecting on the last 2 modules, what we thing we did well, strength, weaknesses, how we worked and the kind of practice I might want to do, and then had to look at how we could improve on those weaknesses, use the strengths, and look at where our work is headed.

Some of the main points I included in my reflection:
- Time management. Now I know its what everyone said, and I said it a couple of months ago, and at one point it was under control, but when it came to a couple of weeks till deadline everything fell apart, I had a small breakdown and I think my work suffered because of it. Need to do something to improve my productivity so I don’t feel so panicked coming up to deadlines.

Need to improve my eye for detail. I think this came hand in hand with time management. In tools and systems I actually liked the outcome in the end, but I felt the end product could have been a lot more polished and there were just some small things on the final thing and idea that could have made all the difference to how well it worked and looked.

Being decisive. That horrid moment at the beginning of the project where you have to make that leap of faith and you can’t see what’s coming. I need to stop standing around at the beginning of the project umming and ahhing and wondering if it’s the right thing to do, and just get on with it. If it’s not, it’s not the end of the world. Move on and change direction. How bad can it be. This will also give me more time to develop and explore my idea and not just go with something for the sake of it. 

- Develop my ideas more. This goes with a couple of the above, because I never have time or I’m not decisive enough I run out of time. Or I’m just too precious over my designs. I need to stop that and just be a bit more critical with my work.

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