Schizophrenia: caused by drugs?

While some people find their lives ruined by belief in imagined conspiracies that affect them personally – they may isolate from, or even attack, friends and family, and get diagnosed with psychosis – many other people believe in conspiracies on the basis of little evidence, yet have prominent places in society or even bodies like the US Senate.

Here are some theories:
  • The gene that puts a person at risk for schizophrenia may also predispose him to use marijuana, sometimes called cannabis. …
  • People with psychotic symptoms may use cannabis to self-medicate.
  • Cannabis use triggers schizophrenia and other psychoses.

Use of street drugs (including LSD,methamphetamine,marijuana/hash/cannabis) and alcohol have been linked with significantly increased probability of developing psychosis and schizophrenia. This link has been documented in over 30 different scientific studies (studies done mostly in the UK, Australia and Sweden) over the past 20 years. In one example, a study interviewed 50,000 members of the Swedish Army about their drug consumption and followed up with them later in life.


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