REMIX lecture.

Using remix as a creative strategies. It’s a way of;

- Rethinking the use of things.
- Recontextualising, conveying different meanings
e.g DeChampe’s urinal. He remixed the urinal to have a different meaning.
People then remixed his once again changing the meaning.
- The ‘ready made’.
- We associate objects with thoughts due to culture. Cultural themes being passed down.
- Major Lazer. Uses the everyday sounds to recontextualise the sounds into music.

Selective remix
Adding/ subtracting parts to or from original composition.
- Leaves ‘aura’ (atmosphere or quality)

Reflective remix
- Represent symbolically.
- Extending aesthetic sampling.
- Consider new meaning.
- Reflecting on the components.

Regenerative remix
- Combining elements that are in constant state of flux.
- More relevant to digital media.
- Artifacts can be combined with codes.

- Burrows (author) used ‘cut up’ technique.
- Used by Bowie in Blackout from Heros (1977)
- If break it down too far many be hard to make something new.

B.S Johnson – the unfortunates (book in a box) (1969)
Armelle Carnon.

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