Competitors – HelloFlo.

One of Sanitary Owl’s most prominent, and most successful competitors is HelloFlo. Although it’s a company that is based in America it basically does the same job Sanitary Owl aspires to I think – or at least should.

Although I am not a fan of the pink logo they have a select few items that all link to go into the pack, making the whole experience of receiving the package more enjoyable, because you won’t just be receiving tampons, it’s almost like a period survival pack. Their branding is simple and effective, they haven’t gone overboard but it’s still enjoyable to look at. Their branding stands strong even next to the other branded products within the pack, which I think is important as although the 2 are together they do need to be defined by work together.

They also add a touch of humour that makes the whole experience more personal without making the woman feel alienated or offended.


In contrast to Sanitary owl the parcel is delivered by courier and in a simple white box, and then the package is within the box. The outer box contains no branding at all and the only indication as to what it is is the postage label that simply says ‘HelloFlo’. Although Sanitary owl currently only go through the post, would there be room to expand? If not can the shape of the box change?

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