Concept mapping.

Concept map 2Concept map 5

Something that interested me about the brief was the company. So I wanted to look at  different sanitary products/brands and how they are advertised.  It really interested me how sanitary products are advertised and the kind of message that the companies portray. I felt quite strongly about how the topic is swept under the carpet and that it’s a bit of a taboo subject. Although I spoke to someone about it and they didn’t agree, I feel like the general topic of it is, and no one talks about it openly.
The pictures underneath show my new concept maps.



I began by concept mapping about the menstrual cycle. Looking at how it affects the body, and how it all happens biologically. However, I realised after completing it I’m not sure how relevant it was. Knowing the biological workings of the body during a period was not inspiring me. So once we spoke to Joe we decided that was probably not the best way and couldn’t really inform the design.

This is the original concept map. Looking at periods, how long they last for, when they start and what affects them. It was interesting to look at the biological workings.



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