Thinking about what Sanitary Owl think they want and what they need are very different. My concept map was based on what the competitors are doing, and how they approach their branding and advertising. I intend to design something that will mimic a survival kit, used to empower woman and support them through their period. I don’t want to intimidate, or ignore what is happening, making them feel like they should have to just deal with it and get on with life. I want the pack to embrace what is happening, in a way that doesn’t patronize or alienate.

Sounds so simple written down.

Drafting the proposal

Sanitary owl is a company trying to emerge into an ever-growing market. Looking into how sanitary products are currently packaged and advertised and how the industry heavy weights keep on top of the competition, I found that they all take a similar approach – empower the woman. However most of them use this to ignore what happens naturally, where I want to embrace it. Using bold designs and clear easy to understand branding that stands up against the pre existing branding of the sanitary products, I want the customer to feel like sanitary owl understand their needs, that they are valued. By creating a kind of survival kit to support them through their period. I also want to focus on the environmental impact of the packaging as in my research I found that waste is a big problem in the industry. Making the packaging that Sanitary Owl provides recyclable is important, and eliminating the use of unnecessary packaging and using thinner card, that is still as effective but allows for more room for the package.  I want to at least inform the customer of how tampons are made, their environmental impact and more eco friendly alternatives, but I don’t want to alienate the customer.


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