Revisiting Semiotics.

Semiotics – all about the sending and receiving messages.

It’s the transfer of communication between sender and receiver through different methods. For example oral, written, images, symbols, and body language.
Written communication is a visual subset of visual communication, for example hieroglyphics.

Shannon and Weaver model.

Models like the Shannon and Weaver model help focus, but are just a representation of reality.
Semiotics is made up of signs – that in themselves consist of the signified and the signifier. This can be shown through a variety of ways, like icons, symbols and index.

Symbol - the relationship between the signified and the signifier is a convention that must be learned.
Icon - the signifier resembles the signified, one can deduce the signified from the signifier without prior knowledge of the sign.
Indexical - the signifier bears a relationship to the signified in that it is a result of what is being signified.

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