Failed prototype.

Trying to make a mock up of the net to make sure the sizes and tabs work in the way they are supposed to. Drew the net out but the laser cutter didn’t etch properly. After checking the document I couldnt see anything wrong. I think the material may have been too thin for the …


Hospital Icons.

There aren’t many symbols used in hospitals. Just basic arrows and signs that you normally see. I want to do something in the same style like above. Very simple shapes used to represent things clearly, I don’t want to be vague.


As I am not a massive illustrator vector based illustrations or symbols would be the most appropriate. I think that if I want to put it in a hospital then simple symbols will fit the environment thats its put in. Using symbols will mean that the time that everyone will be able to understand the …


New Idea.

Instead of making a book comparing the then and now, after talking to Paddy, I now want to make a long timeline showing the progression of mental health treatments. I think this in itself will provoke as it will show the evolution of the treatments.

Placement of timeline.

I want to put the timeline in a hospital. Idealy I would want to put it in a psychiatric ward or something, where mental health is treated, or even a therapists reception to represent and provoke the viewer. I’m not sure how feasible this is because its not really acceptable to go round taking pictures …



Using basic simples to create bodies of texts and sentences in a really simple way. Chineasy uses chinese symbols and makes them into little images to help you learn chinese quicker and in a way that is more effective to remember.

Perspective Art.

Using this concept I was thinking of creating some kind of type image that only came together when you were at a certain place in a room to create the whole image to do with mental health, then the rest of the time it just looked like random things in a room.


Create an installation using acetate. Layers of acetate that line up at the front to make solid type but the typography on each layer will tell the story of past and present methods of the treatment.

Typographic ideas.

Using thermochromic paint to cover the type. I would use the ink to create small the type so it looked like the word on a page. The word would disappear and underneath it would reveal the equipment used or things that describe the word. the word would either be the a treatment that they used …


Using type?

Instead of using images in a book could type be used with the imagery. By using illustration with the type to try and translate what I want to. Patrik Svensson did these typographic names. I like the simplicity of the type and the way you have to concentrate on the words to see the …


Gunther von Hagens.

Thinking about showing the human body and how others have done so. Gunther von Hagens is an artist who uses bodies that have been donated to science, and uses them to create art. These pieces are beautiful. The detail of the workings of the body are fascinating, and I could use such detail in my work. Shows …


Prototype 1.

Thinking about the way that you would receive a box and it can split in two and have the 2 sides of the package, ie tampons and the treats. The tear wasn’t clean and it wouldn’t be effective in holding the tampons once it’s been ripped, nor would they be hidden, However, having it as …