L5 PPDP & Career Management.

During the London trip I visited Pentagram and The Sunday Times. The Pentagram was a very quiet environment, but I liked the way that they worked. They had small teams with one main leader that instructed them. I liked this because although it is a big and well known firm, they could still work in an intimate way. This made me think twice about working at a large company because I thought you could get ‘lost in the system’. I definitely aspire to work in a place as renowned as Pentagram, but it scares me. Somewhere like that you can’t make a mistake.

The Sunday Times was very interesting too. I’d never thought about something like that having its own graphics department but why not… We met with Jo Breeze who talked us through what she did and how her week went. Although it was interesting, she mainly did illustration, and illustration is something that I’ve never been interested in, I feel I’m more typographic, or branding.

- I wanted to make just a small book for my portfolio, as most of my pieces are photographic, the photographs could really stand their own in a book. The advice of James was to keep the book but to also have a large version. I can then edit the large version depending on where I take it and taylor it, but the book will be more general, and could be sent off before and interview or given as a keep sake after. I has more projects and more detail so would show a larger variety of skills. Matt said to focus on how everything is photographed to make sure it’s perfect if the book focuses on that.

I wasn’t able to get to the portfolio surgeries because I had an interview at Nicholas Kirkwood in London, but that in itself was useful. I spent the day with the junior graphic designer Helen Merchant, retouching photos, creating mailers and leaflets. Helen said that my portfolio was very unusual and it showed a lot of different things. She especially liked my mould typography, and the SRSB project and the way the glasses worked in the project.

I want to create a box that folds out to create a dramatic effect. I have kept the card black to compliment the colours in the portfolio so it doesn’t clash but it also matches the book cover. I want my name to be etched into the card so that it’s subtle.


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