I think overall the effect worked well.

Things that I would need to improve – the way that the name is printed on the box. I like that it can be printed on with the design but in practical terms I don’t think this will work that well. It won’t be cost effective and is pretty impractical. Instead I would make a sticker system, then the stickers could be written or printed onto.

The dimensions of the net also weren’t quite right. This was due to lack of prototyping, due to both time and facilities being unavailable. This meant I had unnecessary tabs and some of the sides didn’t quite fit together so I had to alter them by hand. This also meant the outer box was not quite big enough. The trays do fit but they’re very snug and hard to get out. I would make it slightly bigger so there was more room, plus i would add larger tabs so it was easier to pull the tabs out in the first place.

I did think the splash of blue on the inside works well with the simple black print, but also compliments the packaging that already exists to go in the box. The lids opening like doors works well as well as they hide the tampons and can be reused, as a handy little storage box.

I think the outside of the box works well. It’s simple and discreet. I wouldn’t add much more to it as the company want to be discreet so I feel if it had much more it would be too fussy, negate the patterns on the inside of the box and may start to hint what’s in the box.

I decided to not stick with the dimension of a letter box. Although this is not what the company wanted, I think that the box works better in this way, and being able to fit through a letter box immediately restricts the design of the box. The money that is spent on postage can be spent on a courier. Although this seems like more of an inconvenience, internet shopping is much more common and people often have to wait for packages at home, so in reality I don’t think this is much of a problem.

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