Sanitary Owl – to improve the user experience whilst considering the restraints of cost, sustainability and delivery strategy.

The initial concept of the design was to create a survival kit, aimed at students, to aid them through their period in a more sensitive, but caring way.  I also wanted to improve the packaging by making the most of the space efficient, and adding extra bits in, that weren’t too expensive but would bring Sanitary Owl up into competition with others.

I decided firstly to change the cardboard that is currently being used to card. This was to minimalize the space taken up by material width, but still retain the structural integrity of the box. The stacked boxes inside keep the outer shell rigid to maintain its shape and support it through the delivery process. The stacked trays also allow for segregated sections and discreet casing. The lids allow the tampons to be hidden without anyone knowing what is in the box.  The bottom tray of boxes also leaves room for pads, and therefore expanding their current product range and appeal to more people.

I felt that the package needed an extra tray as a welcome and also as a treat in the middle of the tampon layers. Adding bits like this helps keep up with the competition, as most of the current mail order tampon companies add extras in the boxes, whether they are basic or lavish. Sanitary Owl could expand the current idea and have more luxurious products and more basic ones, depending on the client’s budget and needs.

The simple black pattern prints don’t clash with the existing packaging of the products inside itself, which is partly why it was kept so simple. This allows the colours of the packing to compliment the simple black print and brown card.  I added splashes of blue using tissue paper to reflect the colour of their brand and compliments other colours that may go in the box.

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