New Brief.


Required to create an edible response to the title food/structure/play. The food should be used to communicate a message rather than just looking like something. Should consider colour, aesthetics but also taste (whether it’s good or bad). 

All processes should be documented and presented with the result. 

I am excited to start on this brief. We started brainstorming about what area we were interested in and quickly found that everything links together, and it’s easy to go off on a tangent, or get distracted. Everything linked together really easily but this made it harder for it to focus. Our wider range was looking at;

- The science behind food. How once it’s combined you can’t get the raw ingredients back and once something’s gone wrong, its a lot of wasted time and resources from the original sources of the raw products eg farms
- Waste – could the food be given away to someone/charities
- why is it being waste and how much gets wasted?
- why it’s wasted in homes
- ‘quality’ waste
- How it’s needed to survive – what food means to different things, food = fuel

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