Evaluation of Spin Brief.

What did I enjoy and why?
- Although normally I wouldn’t say working in a group was my favourite thing, I enjoyed it this time, possibly because it was a smaller group so there was less room for conflict. It helped me look at the brief from a different perspective and it was good to just bounce ideas off of one another.

- I had worked with food in foundation but not in the same way. I found it challenging but enjoyable trying to think of a way round how some of the materials worked and what would work best with the concept but also something that was look visually interesting.

- The quick brief put pressure on us to make quick decisions that normally we would have just left till the last minute.

What did I find challenging and why?
- Although enjoyable working with the food, I did find it challenging. Thinking about how the materials worked and how we wanted to portray the message was the hardest as we didn’t really know how the food would respond and if it would work in the way we wanted it to.

What would I do differently and why?
Everything. The whole product was terrible but it was quite an experience melting down and it was quite satisfying getting a final product from it.

What did I learn from the brief?
That I just need to get on with it. The short brief made me realise that actually there’s no point just messing about, and I should not leave everything till the last minute. I know this is common sense but rather than leaving it till the last minute, making quick decisions, testing and not being precious over my work will help me getting to a more refined outcome at the end because it will allow more time for testing.

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