Curated by… Tony Brook.

Tony’s talk was really interesting. Curated by.. is always a great opportunity to hear industry people. He created Spin with his wife after meeting her on the tube in London, just showing if you want to do something you should just do it.

The way they thought of Spin 360 was looking at things from all different angles, you need the whole perspective to really see and appreciate.

Things he recommended;
- Make lists. Says he makes lists of everything.
- Pin things up on the wall. Once something is printed and put up on the wall it won’t look the same as on a computer, and encourages conversation about the work, whether good or bad.
- Design is a social activity.
- Relook at your environment. Whether it’s looking at it through a camera or drawing, its good to look at your surroundings from a different perspective. (eg Bill Brant – photographer)
- Wim Crouwel.

To create an identity you need a visual language. eg. haunch of venison. Something that people can understand and it just stands. But it important to still engage with people through both print and digital means.

- need a balance of visual and written context to things.
- the internet doesn’t always have context. Need books and journals for context.

Designers to look into:
- Book – The monograph – by Lance Wyman
- Wim Crouwel
- Total Design Studio

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