First draft of Statement of Intent.

Graphic design can be used as a tool to educate. Often a misunderstood subject, design can be used to inform and amaze in ways people didn’t think fit with the traditional image of ‘design’. By not defining my work I want to find my strengths this year, focusing on the detail in my work to refine it and be able to keep a general reach on design. As a designer in the growing age of digital media, I want to stay true to the origins of design, pushing the boundaries using traditional print but also testing materials to see how changing media can affect the audience’s interaction and understanding. Manipulating different medias to reach a variety of audiences is something I aspire to do, as I think this shows knowledge of the audience and why they are being targeted. Working with a variety of people in different disciplines and areas of design will give a different dimension to the work that I may not have had the skill to do and will put a new perspective to a project. Investigating how audiences I have not worked with before relate to my work is important, as my work should relevant cultural issues that are happening in society rather than working with no purpose. I will test the boundaries of my work and push it further than before to try and achieve something that is both aesthetically pleasing and thought provoking in current society.

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