Statement of Intent.

Graphic design is often a misunderstood subject, generalised by people that don’t see that design is all around them, educating and informing them in their everyday life. Your practice is decided by what you enjoy, how successfully you can communicate without words. As a designer it’s important to be able to relay a message without having to be there to explain. The art of communication is the key, and in a world where we are bombarded by images and generic design, boundaries of traditional design need to be pushed to be effective. Print screams in a world of digital, and it’s important to combine what we know about design with the basics. By using and expanding my knowledge of print I want to create more authentic pieces and learning print techniques is a good skill to have as it can also expand knowledge and help improve digital work.

Investigating audiences leads to different ways of thinking and adds new perspective to the design, and allows the design to speak for itself, provoking and questioning what they already know. This also allows the design to tackle ethical and cultural issues, but in a sensitive way. It’s important to be aware of current affairs as a designer so as not to insult or offend, so whatever the work I need to be aware of my surroundings in a range of subjects.

By not defining my work I want to find my strengths this year to define my practice, as I feel this will restrict the way I work.

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