Research: Milk packaging.

Looking at different milk packaging, it seems very detached from the idea that it came from a cow. Every one knows milk comes from a cow but by detaching them from the packing it doesn’t make the consumer think twice. Organic milk farming is now a world away from regular farming as the treatment of the cows is strictly regulated. Cows are kept outside, fed on grass and are not pushed beyond their limits.

When you buy organic milk you are guaranteed:
Free-range cows
Natural grass-based diet
No routine use of antibiotics
No artificial, chemical fertilisers or herbicides are used on our pastures
High standards of animal welfare
Farming that works with nature for maximum biodiversity


The facade of cows in feels makes people think that this is the normal process and treatment of cows. Even I hadn’t even considered it before researching. Because it is such a way of life, we take it for granted.


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