The illusion of the cow.

Thinking about this hidden process and how to make it visible, it’s made me think about how we perceive farming, and the way that animals lead their life. From an early age we imagine that a farm consists of one of every animal and books teach us that they all live very happily. Obviously we know it has to come to an end but we are never really taught any differently so rather naively we go through life continuing to assume the same, not really bothering to find out more.

The book ‘Great lies to tell small kids’ is very clever and rather inspirational. I like the simple style and the way it appeals to children. If I made a book it would not be to appeal to kids. This style is simple and easy to look at for both parties, and although looks childish is clearly for the parent. This would be an interesting way to address the issue. By doing a book like a story book, about the life of a cow it would be quite shocking to see what it was like and how it would juxtapose normal children’s books that are well known for portraying the perfect image, such as Farmyard Tales, and even the children’s rhyme Old MacDonald.

I think it could be fun to play on the lies, what lies consumers are told, and then the truth, or compare it to what we are brought up with and common misconceptions about the food and milk.

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