Annual Report (Unusual packaging).

Amnesty International Hong Kong Annual Report 2010 | via TGIF




Mid-Ohio Foodbank Annual Report | via Justin McDonald




I love this design because I feel it has the same ‘throw away’ feel that I would want in the report but also has different elements to it that keep tit interesting. The material that is used also reflects this, especially the outside sleeve, as it almost looks like a brown paper bag. I like this as it is sturdy enough to hold it and feels like something you want to hold onto, but wouldn’t mind if you forgot it on the train. The packaging of the document inside  is very simple but effective, and gave me the idea that somethig could be printed on the inside, whether it was infographics, photos, or even just a map of Sheffield with lesser known gems highlighted for people to visit.

I like the window that is used for the title as it breaks up both the image on the front of the book and also breaks down the packaging.

I did not like how busy the pages were, for the report I would like to keep it clean and minimal as I feel with such a large body of text you don’t want too much going on as it will pull away from the work, infographics and photographs. I also don’t like the treatment of the photographs on this report and  I will stay true to the photography when we get them for the report, as I want them to be the main pieces of colour, they should stand out.

I want to prototype a report using this kind of sleeve  creating the kind of magazine/pack effect that I want. I also want to see how much something like that would cost as I have no perspective.

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