Luke Prest.


Thinking about simple architectural drawings, I wanted to see what was already out there. Luke Prest is a Sheffield artist that likes to draw iconic landmarks around Sheffield or that used to be around.

I like these quirky little illustrations, they’re very simple and the line drawings makes them clear and fuss free and it’s clear to see what the image is representing. I like the fact that the colour scheme is kept very simple, to one or two colours and then just the black outline of the building. The minimalism of colour somehow makes the drawings feel very pure and new. I think of Sheffield as a very grey place place, even though it is known for its greenery, and these images strip that back to just see the architecture. I could apply this style and draw some of the buildings around Sheffield using this style to contrast the brutalism to the more aesthetically pleasing buildings.


Using architectural pieces that have since been knocked down but Sheffield could have been famous for. It will be interesting to look at the history of the buildings around, and what used to be about and compare. The towers that stood near Meadowhall are very controversial as many people felt they were iconic to the city, and yet they were knocked down. Once cooling towers for a nearby power station that was too knocked down, they were seen as part of the family almost and even when they were demolished, people still protested. I want to see if there are any other buildings or landmarks that caused this much protest in the building or the demolition of them.


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