New Brief.

Create content and design Sheffield City Council’s official 2015/2016 annual report.

A daunting task, that seems mundane on the outside. This is exciting because I feel that the briefs that are more challenging and something that you normally wouldn’t pick, are the ones that turn out to be the most interesting as you try to fit it around your interests and you want it to interest other people.

My initial thoughts were that this is a massive topic. I wanted to think about a couple of things. Obviously Sheffield is famous for its steel industry, however just last week there was a steelworker strike. Does anyone know what state the steel industry is in now? In all honesty I didn’t even know if Sheffield still made its own steel and I think it would be interesting to see what condition it’s still in.

My second thought was something that has bothered me since the first time I visited Sheffield. The architecture. I want to look into the architectural heritage of Sheffield. I know that there was a bomb raid and a lot of the more aesthetically pleasing buildings were destroyed and in their place now stand more brutalist structures, a lot of which have listed (with much controversy). I want to see what the upkeep is and what the city does to control what is being built, if anything? The city is a mish mash of different styles. The city is very grey because of this, a mass of concrete and glass, and the buildings that are still stunning, are hidden behind the mass of grey concrete. Could all these shades of grey act as a colour scheme throughout the report. I want to find some old pictures of sheffield and of the architecture and maybe some of the original drawings if there are any.

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