Sheffield Architecture.


Looking at the architecture of Sheffield and what is being done, I found a list of buildings in Sheffield that are listed. Apparently there were just under 1,200 buildings listed in 2014 around Sheffield. I thought this was amazing, as I think of the city as being quite small and intimate. I think it would be interesting to go round and see the range of buildings that are listed. I also might email the council to find out what the stars mean. In the chart as to what level the buildings are listed at, some of which are starred but there doesn’t seem to show up in a key and I want to know what this means. One of the most interesting ones that are starred is Park Hill. Obviously a controversial structure that the people of Sheffield seem to love or hate. As this is one, and there are a few others, I want to find out what it means as it may show more detail into what buildings are listed and why.

Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 19.02.40

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