London Visits.

Pearlfisher is like the dream, so to go and visit was an honour. Set in the heart of a pretty residential part of London it’s very unassuming. Lucy Roberts showed us round the studio and and what work they did at the London studio. I think one of my favourite ones was one of the most recent ones, Wagamamas. They had to design take away packaging for wagamamas so they could compete and be head of the game in the high street take away game. It also appealed to my product background. I always enjoy thinking about how the packaging and the branding can work together so I would have loved to work on a project like this. They talked through how they wanted to keep the packaging of the containers simple and to the brand. They work really well in communicating easily what’s inside, rather than having to lift the lid off to check. The stacking feature is also really simple but clever as it thinks about every every stage that the food goes through right through to transport and eating.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from UsTwo, knowing a bit about the company I didn’t know what the atmosphere would be like there. But it was really fun and laid back, with memes littering the walls and people working off of sofas and standing desks, the environment was very different to any other studio or agency that I had visited. It felt very homely and accessible. It felt like everyone was bouncing ideas off each other and it was very casual. Obviously they would be serious when they had to be but the general environment seemed really fun to work in. One of the most poignant things that I took away from their tour and presentation, was a piece of advice. “Don’t be a dickhead.” Now I hope that I’m not anyway, but I felt this was really important. Even just in everyday practice, you don’t always know who you’re talking to or how someone could help you, even if it’s just for the little things. As a practice though, I don’t think app design is the way for me. I like print and feeling things I’ve made so although it was really interesting to go and see what they did, it made me realise that actually it’s not something I want to do.

Dalziel and Pow.
A wildcard in my studio choices, I knew little about Dalziel and Pow, but loved it when we visited. They showed us round the studio

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