Sheffield City Council Briefing.

The council came in to talk to us in more detail about specifically what they want from us and to answer any questions or give us some advice, especially leading on from doing it with Hallam students last year.

They suggested looking at other council reports, which also led me to think that I could look at national reports, that different countries do about how they’re doing.

They spoke about how they use the report and they had 4 in the series currently and that they like to think they could be read as a series. The content is always new and the sections of the report changing every year and focusing on different areas of Sheffield. Something they wanted to stand out from the whole report where the individual sections written by the council members, as they were meant to be read separately from the text, they wanted them to stand out.

The thing that they would have changed from the report last year was the size of a few things. They felt the report itself was a bit small, as it was A5 and previous years they did it A4, which they prefered. I’m not sure if I agree with that. I liked the small size of the book and how it was almost pocket sized. Because of this, they said that some of the data and the type on the data was too small and some people wouldn’t have been able to read it.

They wanted to stay away from having a dense report. I want to avoid this by breaking up the text with the images and infographics that they eventually give us. The also said they want 300 copies.

They said they would like to try to reach a wider market but is hard as they only print 300 copies and obviously some are reserved for members of the council. They said that they don’t know how far it reache as a lot of people look at the PDF online. Every other year they’ve just done a straight PDF of the document online. This could be an interesting angle to look at, as it could make it much more appealing for more of the public.

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