A new way of thinking.

Trying to focus our work and think how our research can be focused in to find a question that we may need to answer. The thought process was created by ideo, and asked to write down key things found from your research and note them down. Through this patterns may emerge and things might connect that may not have been noticed before. It then asked to make the theme into a short statement. Not a question but just a statement, for example just saying that Sheffield has a lot of empty buildings.

From then you write a ‘how might we…’ question, which comes from the theme/statement, and creates a question about a problem or pattern you may not have thought of from simply looking at the research.

I thought the session was really interesting and although we didn’t use my research I found the process very insightful. A few things that came up that I thought could be interesting, was the demographic of Sheffield. The city is mainly student based and most of the locals are quite old. However they have so much knowledge about little places in Sheffield that people wouldn’t know about if they hadn’t lived here their whole life, especially students as they don’t bother exploring. This could be interesting to look into even if i was the tilted demographic of Sheffield.


Another thing we noticed was how Northern Sheffield is. That sounds silly, but I am from Nottingham, just an hour down the motorway and it feels like it is firmly in the midlands. I’ve also been to Leeds a few times and visited places further up north, and yet, Sheffield feels like it’s buried deep in the heart of the north, more north than some places more north of it! This is interesting and it has made me wonder why, or what has influenced this .


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